Sleep Digest

It has already been known that if one has daytime drowsiness, a seventeen-inch neck and has been known to snore loudly, a sleep study is the highest of priorities and […]

Stem Cells Therapy Is Not Benign Yet Stem cells are the so-called “master template cells” designated for universal use. In the body they can became cells of any specialty. They […]

Brain scans validate Freudian view of hysteria By Amy Norton Mon Dec 11, 3:44 PM ET People who suffer from what was once called “hysteria” show altered patterns of brain […]

By Mark Jacobs, Pharm.D. Over the past several years, the public has become very familiar with the terms osteoporosis, as it is written about in the daily papers and the […]

Peter Dodzik, Psy.D., Managing Editor I thought that the idea had run its course and I had really believed for a while that I would not have to answer questions […]